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The governmental institution “Kronotsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve” (referred to as FSI “Kronotsky Reserve”) manages two specially protected natural territories with different statuses: the Kronotsky Reserve itself and the South Kamchatka Sanctuary (fully titled the State Nature Sanctuary of Federal Significance “South Kamchatka”).

FSI “Kronotsky Reserve” has the following goals:

• Protection of natural resources
• Scientific research and ecological monitoring
• Ecological education of the public
• Ecological tourism

Kronotsky State Reserve was established in 1934, when, by resolution of the Presidium of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee (VTsIK) it was included in a network of reserves and given government funding. Kronotsky Reserve was closed twice, in 1951 and 1961. But the need to protect natural objects and communities of Eastern Kamchatka was so great that the government again decided to restore the institution.

The administrative offices of FSI “Kronotsky Reserve” are located in the town of Yelizovo. The administration of FSI “Kronotsky Reserve” consists of four divisions: the Division of Law Enforcement, Division of Scientific Research, Division of Ecological Education and Tourism, and Division of General Affaires. FSI “Kronotsky Reserve” is headed by a director; department heads are his deputies.

Director of the Institution — Tikhon Igorevich Shpilenok

Law Enforcement Division
Deputy Director for Law Enforcement — Shevelev Sergey Ivanovich

Division of Scientific Research
Deputy Director of Scientific Research — Vladimir Ilyich Mosolov

Division of Ecological Education and Tourism
Deputy Director of Ecological Education — Tatyana Alekseyevna Gulbina

Human Resources Division
Deputy Director for Legal Matters — Nikolay Dmitrievich Klimenko
Division Head — Yurate Alexandrovna Poderyoga

Division of General Affaires
Deputy Director for General Affaires — Nikolay Nikolayevich Pozdnyakov
Department Head — Nikolay Alexandrovich Kochetygov

Deputy Director of Economics — Oksana Valerievna Terekhova

Chief Accountant  — Yulia Ivanovna Okladnikova

Enforcement of the protected regimes on land and water of Kronotsky Reserve and South Kamchatka Sanctuary is carried out the reserve’s ranger service (inspectors), who are also staff of the reserve. Scientific research and ecological education are performed both by staff and specialists from other institutions according to cooperation agreements.

The Director of the reserve is the Chief Ranger (Inspector), and his Deputies are Vice Chief Inspectors.

Did You Know

A sea otter's fur is the most expensive in the world. Long ago, there were so many sea otters here that Kronotsky Bay was called «Beaver Sea», but in the mid-18th century they were wiped out.