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Бланки Диплома и Благодарности

The White Path Action For those who love nature and wildlife and consider the study of forest dwellers a fascinating pastime, Kronotsky Reserve conducts the annual action «White Path.» The action is aimed at giving children their first glimpse of winter wildlife. Participation in it encourages children to get acquainted with Kamchatka"s wild animals, learn to be more attentive to nature, and treat the natural world with care.

The March for Parks Action is an international campaign aimed at directing the attention of children and teenagers to the problems of Protected Natural Areas and the conservation of Kamchatka nature and developing the local population"s responsible attitude toward nature and love for its native land. The Biodiversity Conservation Center (BCC) in Moscow coordinates the action. Kronotsky Reserve is one of the local organizers in Kamchatka territory.

Feed the Birds! Action is organized in the winter to feed the birds of Kamchatka. We want to draw children"s attention to the challenges of winter birds» survival and motivate children"s interest in the birds» protection. By teaching how to make bird feeders, what birds can eat, and how often they can be fed, we wish to advocate for the humane treatment of our feathered friends.

Adopt a Tree! .

The founders and curators of the contest:

  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
  • Botanical Garden of Tver State University
  • Botanical Garden of MSU «Apothecary garden»

The purpose of the contest: the study and protection of trees in urban environments.

The objectives of the contest:

  • Show the relationship between trees and man;
  • Strengthen links between generations in families;
  • Strengthen the ties between families with Educational institutions;
  • Foster respect for the trees and their environment Habitat;
  • Promote the development of cognitive activity in study of wildlife;
  • To involve in the project his family, friends and develop skills in joint activities;
  • An inventory of old-growth trees in the city.

Did You Know

The Valley of the Geysers, like a few other unique natural landscapes, was not even known at the time of the Reserve's establishment in 1934