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----Adopt a Tree! .

The founders and curators of the contest:

  • Minnesota Landscape Arboretum
  • Botanical Garden of Tver State University
  • Botanical Garden of MSU «Apothecary garden»

The purpose of the contest: the study and protection of trees in urban environments.

The objectives of the contest:

  • Show the relationship between trees and man;
  • Strengthen links between generations in families;
  • Strengthen the ties between families with Educational institutions;
  • Foster respect for the trees and their environment Habitat;
  • Promote the development of cognitive activity in study of wildlife;
  • To involve in the project his family, friends and develop skills in joint activities;
  • An inventory of old-growth trees in the city.

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Did You Know

The graceful fir grove has been known for more than two and a half centuries it's origin is still a mystery, and scientific interest in the botanic phenomenon is high.