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Protecting natural resources is a priority and major objective for Kronotsky Reserve. This explains the very strict regulations in effect within its borders: commercial enterprise is prohibited within the reserve, as well as any exploration without special permission from the administration.

Protection activities includeanti-poaching activity, conducting original scientific research, employment of research staff, and work with visitors, but this is an incomplete list of the responsibilities held by the division. State rangers guard not only the territory of the Kronotsky Reserve but also the reserve’s satellite territory of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary.

Over the past two years, the Division of Nature Protection has undergone a complete overhaul, hiring specialists from different regions as well as young local talent. In 2007, the Reserve created a special task force consisting of qualified specialists that have extensive work experience in other Russian nature reserves.

Today the Kronotsky Reserve’s Division of Nature Protection is:

Did You Know

A sea otter's fur is the most expensive in the world. Long ago, there were so many sea otters here that Kronotsky Bay was called «Beaver Sea», but in the mid-18th century they were wiped out.