It’s Fire Season: forests and tundra sites of Kronotsky reserve are temporarily closed for visitors


Extra fire prevention arrangements implemented along Kronotsky reserve territories due to high natural fire danger class.

Restrictions are targeted on visitors and vehicles entering the territories (but not on Kronotsky reserve staff), trips and hiking, making fires and burning trash, also any fire-hazardous works like welding services should be put on hold. 

Most fragile territories in Kronotsky reserve are Lazovskiy cluster with unique Shchapinsky spruce forests and deciduous trees by the Kronotsky lake basin where there are numerous taiga fauna inhabitants and Kronotsko-Bogachyovskaya tundra – home to wild reindeers and many more Red List species. These lands have normally high temperatures with very seldom rains in summer on annual basis, it rains here not as often as by the Pacific coast. The restrictions do not yet cover Semyachikskiy firth district, Valley of Geysers and Uzon volcanic caldera. 

“To ensure fire safety in the woods the special fire prevention regime will be set for three weeks and can be cancelled in case of intense rainfall which will naturally degrade the danger class, – cleared Sergey Shevelyov, deputy head of security services in FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve”. – Kronotsky reserve security officers continue to monitor the situation with fires, on-site patrols number increased, certain routes are supervised and the info on current situation is circulated between reserve and Agency for Kamchatka Region forestry and wildlife protection”.  

To recap – satellite monitoring used in Kronotsky reserve to keep an eye on fire safety. Hot spots (possible fire breakouts) locations are provided by fire detection system installed all over specially protected natural reservation territories under the supervision of RF Ministry of Natural Resources. Fire detection system via photoshoots from space is a good contribution that helps to timely catch possible fire outbreaks in remote areas and to eliminate the fire. Each message concerning possible fire breakouts is checked with either aero or on-site patrol.