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The graceful fir grove has been known for more than two and a half centuries and has long been defended by the people of Kamchatka. According to S. P. Krasheninnikov, indigenous people of Kamchatka faithfully guarded the unique «fir island» that exists today near Semyachicksky estuary: «The Kamchadals protect the forest…They treat the trees like their own elders…everyone who dares to touch the trees is cursed with death.»

The fir grove's origin is still a mystery, and scientific interest in the botanic phenomenon is high.

In 1901, V. L. Komarov, the eminent botanist and pioneer researcher of the flora on Kamchatka, identified this isolated fir in the only place it grows in Kamchatka as the graceful fir. This fact has been proven irrefutably by molecular genetic studies in modern taxonomy.

Now, the fir grove is less than 22 hectares in area. The maximum age of one of its trees is 225. The growing forest's average age is 130.

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