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06 October 2015, 07:59

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    Kuril Lake, one of the most wonderful natural sites on Kamchatka, is located in the South Kamchatka Sanctuary. The lake basin is the largest Pacific sockeye salmon spawning ground in Eurasia (and possibly the world). The huge numbers of fish readily attract many predatory animals. In summer and fall, brown bears feast from the banks; sometimes as many as twelve animals can be seen in one spot. In winter, the lake is home to up to 800 endangered Steller, white-tailed, and golden eagles, which feed on spawning fish.

    A web camera was installed near the source of the Ozernaya River, which flows from Kuril Lake over 62 kilometers to the Okhotskoye Sea. The webcam captures vast shallows with spawning sockeye and feeding predators that have arrived for the spawning in the lake and its tributaries.