Kutkh's Boats

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Kutkh’s Boats (Bats) are a natural monument created from bizarrely exposed pumice located four kilometers from the source of the Ozernaya River (Kuril Lake). According to legend, the cliffs are boats (similar to Native American canoes) that the wise raven Kutkh once set to dry and then forgot ashore. The raven Kutkh was the main god of the Itelmen, an indigenous people of Kamchatka, and «bat» meant long boat. Literally translated, this site's name is «Boats of the god Kutkh». Indeed, the pumice looks very much like boats that are ready to return to water at the first signal from their master.

Stepan Petrovich Krashenennikov wrote about Kutkh’s Boats thusly: «…nine versts from the heights of the Ozernaya River, there are white mountains, which appear not unlike shuttles set at angles with each other. The Cossacks call these stone baty, and pagans say that the god and creator of Kamchatka, Kutkh, lived there for some time and used stone canoes or baty to fish in the sea and lake. Before his departure, he arranged these stone shuttles. For this reason, natives hold the cliffs in such reverence that they fear to approach.»

The Kuril hot springs are located at the foot of the volcano on Kuril Lake's northern shore.

The volcano's perfect cone on the shore of Kuril Lake creates a unique landscape at any time of year.