Conservation areas protection

Conservation areas protection division of FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve” includes the following: 

Two departments: department of fixed station guard, monitoring and forestry, and administrative and organizational department; 

14 operative fixed stations in the three protected areas; 

50 state inspectors; 

Three operational groups that work on the exterritorial basis, that is, move around on the whole territory and water zone of the reserves and sanctuary without locating in some particular fixed station; 

Modernized material base of the department: snowmobiles, cross-country vehicles, special automobiles, forest fire-fighting machinery and equipment, outboard motors, quadricycles, modern armament, appropriate garment, radio communication facilities, photo-traps. Modern machines and facilities make it possible to perform operational activities aimed at revealing violations of nature conservation laws on the territory of Kronotsky reserve, Koryaksky reserve and South Kamchatka sanctuary all the year round, on the entire territory, with moving for considerable distance off the stationary places of locating (lodges at fixed stations), in the most difficult climatic conditions.