About The Оrganization

Federal state budgetary institution “Kronotsky state nature biosphere reserve” (the short organization name is FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve”) performs the management of three specially protected natural areas, each having a different status: Kronotsky reserve, Koryaksky reserve and South Kamchatka federal sanctuary named after T.I. Shpilenok (South Kamchatka refuge). 

FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve” performs the following tasks: 
 • protection of natural complexes; 
 • execution of scientific investigations; 
 • promotion of ecological awareness of the population; 
 • preparation of specialists in the sphere of nature protection. 

The administration of FSBI“Kronotsky state reserve” is located in the city of Yelizovo, Kamchatka krai.  

There are seven functional units in the structure of the Institution: 
1. Conservation areas protection division: 
- operational work department 
- administrative and organizational department 
- department of fixed station guard, monitoring and forestry 
- visitor relations department 
2. Scientific department 
3. Department of ecological awareness promotion and public relations 
4. Educational tourism department 
 5. Division of material and technical supply and main activity provision: 
- information technologies department 
- logistics and supply department – procurement department 
- technical support department 
- construction and upkeep of buildings and structures department 
 6. Accounting department 
 7. Department of legal support and human resources