Volunteer Programs

Volunteers in Kronotsky reserve and South Kamchatka sanctuary are engaged in housekeeping duties at lodges, distribution of souvenir products, clearing and marking of paths, making new paths for executing guarding and other activities. They help researchers of the reserve to collect field materials, take part in repair and construction works, implement designer projects, take pictures and shoot videos in the reserve area and do many other things. The program of volunteer activity management will help those who wish to render unpaid assistance for Kronotsky reserve to make decisions about their place, terms and specificity of work by themselves. 

Volunteers of Kronotsky, what kind of people are they? 

1. The age of a volunteer is 18+ 
2. The minimum term of work in the protected areas is 3 weeks 
3. People with good physical and mental health are invited 
4. Volunteers get to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky all by themselves 
5. We provide transportation of volunteers to the territory and accommodation at the lodges and routes 
6. Volunteers purchase foodstuff for the whole term of their living in the territory 
7. Volunteers provide themselves with personal equipment, clothes, medical kit, life and health insurance on their own 
8. We provide camping facilities, instruments for work and expendable materials. 

To become a volunteer of Krontsky you need: 
· To submit an application according to the established form 
· To register on the “Добровольцы России[Dobrovoltsy Rossii/Volunteers of Russia]” site 
· To provide recommendations, messages of thanks on the results of participation in volunteer activities and projects 
· To provide medical certificates given by a medical board (if you have been examined by the medical board for the last year) or to provide a warrant letter concerning your health condition (restrictions, chronic diseases) 
· To provide tourist insurance 
· To film and send us a short video about yourself (1-3 minutes) 
· Having a personal volunteer record book is appreciated 

After you receive confirmation that your candidacy has been approved you will be sent a volunteer activity agreement which contains the following: 
· work specification 
· consent to personal data processing 
· list of necessary food products 
· rules of behavior in the territory. 

Updated information is available on the “ ВКонтакте[vkontakte]” social media platform on the Web-page “Добровольцы Кроноцкого[Dobrovoltsy kronotskogo]” where we invite you.  

You can find the project of Kronotsky reserve in the United Information System “Добровольцы России[Dobrovoltsy Rossii/Volunteers of Russia]” here 

To get more information concerning participation in the volunteer program, please, call +7 (41531) 7-16-52 during work hours (Kamchatka time). The filled application form is to be sent by e-mail: reservevolunteer@gmail.com