Donation is the most universal and frequently the most efficient form of assistance. Many projects, ideas and plans are never implemented because they could not raise funding. But if a thousand of people from different corners of the country give Kamchatka’s nature a present which is equivalent in value to the price of a cup of coffee, a photo-trap will be installed in one of quiet corners of the reserve land, the footage of which will help scientists in their investigations of wild nature. Or a strategically significant guarding point will get a modern snowmobile which will be used by a state inspector for catching poachers. We can enumerate dozens and hundreds of such “ifs”, and all of them are essential and important. 

Making a single time donation of more than 5 thousand rubles you can specify what field it is aimed for — protection of reserve lands, research works, development of educational tourism or ecological culture. 

If you are ready to take pleasure in monthly donations of more than 500 thousand rubles you will get nice modest gifts on your birthday or on the birthday of Kronotsky reserve. For this purpose you need to arrange regular charges from your card following the instructions of the payment form. 

The simplest way to make donations is to make payments through the “Zapovednik” Charity Fund established by FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve”. All the money will be used exclusively for the development of our conservation areas.  

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