Ecological education

Exposition activity and development of visit-centers for tourists 

The Museum of Nature functions in the administrative building of the reserve where interactive methods of work with visitors are widely used. The ground floor of the building contains the ecological-educational center of the reserve. There is an interactive information booth in the hall where visitor can get information about floral, faunal and geological-mineralogical diversity of the reserve and sanctuary, learn about tourist routes etc. 

The ethno-ecological center of Koryaksky reserve functions in the village of Tilichiki. 

The following has been done by the Department of ecological awareness promotion: 

A conception of new ecological and educational routes in the Valley of Geysers and Uzon Volcano Caldera was developed. Due to new elaborations the routes will be more informative, the time of excursions will increase, the probability of several groups encountering along the route will be excluded; 

the ecological and educational center in the administrative building of FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve” is available for visiting every day. Here one can get printed products of the reserve, learn about ecological and educational routes on the territory of the reserve and sanctuary, about events and contests held by the reserve, about an opportunity of acting as a volunteer in the area, to watch films about the reserve and sanctuary; 

a visit-center of FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve” is built in the settlement of Ozernovsky which has become an important ecological and educational center not only for local population, but also for guests of Kamchatka. At this center visitors can learn much about the special role of the state nature refuge of federal significance, “South Kamchatka Sanctuary” in the preservation of Southern Kamchatka’s natural complexes, including the unique ecosystem of Kuril Lake which is the largest spawning ground of the Sockeye salmon in Europe, about animals and plants of the refuge. The exposition of the visit-center will apply interactive elements that will allow visitors to virtually contact with the world of wild nature.