Our Mission

We preserve conservation areas of Kamchatka and arouse love for nature! 

Our goals 

1. Preservation of natural complexes of Kronotsky and Koryaksky reserves, South Kamchatka sanctuary and adjacent areas. Because of humankind’s extensive and large-scale transformation of wilderness territories the role of reserves becomes more and more important: they become practically single guarantors that pristine natural complexes will be preserved. The role of Kamchatka’s conservation areas is of global significance for the planet on the whole. Vast untouched areas of Kamchatka’s wild nature play the most important role in the stabilization of the climate, production of clear air, reproduction of harvestable stock, preservation of fresh water and biological diversity.  

2. Creation of public support of conservation areas as objects of national endowment. Some corners of pristine wild nature of Kamchatka are protected by people in order not to deprive other people of these lands, but to preserve them for people. Our goal is to help the society realize this truth and involve as many people as possible in nature protection activity. Only broad-scale public support of nature conservation pursuit, love and respect of wilderness, readiness of the society to protect the national natural endowment will provide the preservation of Kamchatka’s conservation areas and defend them from those who seek here-and-now profits.  

3. Formation of environmental awareness and development of ecological culture of the society. The survival of the humankind and the sort of world where it will live do depend on the wild nature preservation. Conservation areas are not just hectares of forest. It is their existence that the quality of life of the current and many future generations, their physical and moral health, preservation of cultural, ideal and aesthetic values depend on. Will it be possible for us to transfer a unique treasure – wild nature – to our children and grandchildren? It will, if business becomes ecologically responsible, if nature exploitation becomes rational, and every person’s environmental awareness increases. 

4. Expert assistance in solving environmental problems. Our organization is a highly professional expert community with great experience of nature protection work which is beyond the scope of our conservation areas. We are intent on assisting in the solution of regional and national problems connected with ecology, natural resources exploitation, preservation of rare and harvestable species, preparation of specialists in the sphere of natural resources management and ecological education of the rising generation.