South Kamchatka Sanctuary

The total area is 322 000  ha.

The pride of the sanctuary is  the Kuril lake. Its area is 77 km². The largest population of sockeye salmon in Asia spawns there.

The maximum depth of the lake is 316 meters.

Kronotsky reserve

The total area of the Kronotsky Reserve is 1,147,619.37 ha.

The area of marine zone is 135,000 ha.

The marine border is 243 km long.

There are 8 active volcanoes in the reserve.

Koryaksky reserve

The reserve is located in the Penzhinsky and Olyutorsky districts of the Koryak area.

It consists of three separate clasters: Goven Cape and Lavrov Bay (with a total area of 150.7 thousand hectares, 83 ha of these is the sea area) and Parapolsky Dol (with an area of 176.4 thousand ha.)

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