The South Kamchatka Federal Reserve has celebrated its 40th anniversary

The South Kamchatka Federal Reserve has celebrated its 40th anniversary.


Residents of the village of Ozernovsky, where the visitors center of the Kronotsky Reserve is located (the Yuzhno-Kamchatsky Reserve is under Kronotsky's management), has celebrated its fortieth anniversary with a large holiday for children and adults. Today, the reserve is an example of the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The South Kamchatka Nature Reserve does not only include the unique Kuril Lake, the deepest freshwater reservoir in Kamchatka, as well as lots of brown bears and sockeye salmon, volcanoes and mountain tundra. It also includes up-to-date nature-saving infrastructure, the modern visitors center with an educational exposition, which has become a significant point of attraction in the village of Ozernovsky. It is also a point of carefully and competently organized ecological tourism, a point of lots of hard work on environmental education of local residents. Thanks to that work, the number of violations of the environmental regime has been minimized in recent years.

Since its establishment (April 8, 1983), the reserve has been under the management of the Kronotsky State Reserve. Acting director of the reserve Vsevolod Yakovlev congratulated the institution's team and local residents on the date and especially stressed: "The role of the reserve in solving environmental, scientific, educational, environmental and socio-economic problems in the south of Kamchatka is very significant. We gain success because of joint efforts of employees of our institution, local communities, partners from the Association of Fishing Enterprises of the Ozernovsky district, law enforcement agencies, scientists of Kamchatka, volunteers. Today we express our gratitude to all our friends – those who have always stood by us reliably for preservation of this wonderful nature!"

On the eve of the holiday, the staff of the Kronotsky Reserve's visitors center held a lesson with students at Ozernovskaya school No. 3. More than 120 children shared their opinions on why it is so important to protect nature and help reserves. Many young Ozernovsky residents already have their own heroes from the reserve. Among them is the director of the Kronotsky Reserve (until 2016) Tikhon Shpilenok, who made a huge contribution to the fight against poaching and established scientific, environmental education work in the South Kamchatka Wildlife Sanctuary; in December 2016, the sanctuary was named after T.I. Shpilenok. The staff of the visitors center, with whom the children have been familiar for several years and are happy to comprehend the secrets of nature in their classes, are also great heroes for the young ones.

The children got acquainted with the educational project of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve "Nature Protectors School". A competitive selection for a free summer camp for children of local residents on Kuril Lake, which is held annually by the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, was also begun there.

In the evening, the celebration continued at the visitors center. Over a hundred young and adult residents of Ozernovsky, Zaporozhie and Pauzhetka villages gathered there. The celebration included an educational tour, a performance by a group of young naturalists, some beautiful nature films, master class on creating eco-friendly animal figurines from shells, and a quiz dedicated to the South Kamchatka Wildlife Sanctuary. 

The highlight of the program was a contest of bakery with local wild specialities. Pizza with pickled chanterelles was recognized as the best. Other participants also filled up their bakery with wild berries, wild cherry, coho, etc. The winning family will get a boat tour in the Kuril Lake during the summer of 2023.