Bolshiye and Maliye Tyushevskiye Hot Springs

Bolshiye and Maliye Tyushevskiye Hot Springs. Bolshiye and Maliye Tyushevskiye Hot Springs are in the Tyushevka River valley, 15–18 km from its mouth. They were first described in 1927, but their curative virtues were known years before. In the 1950s, local people constructed two pools. The largest sources are situated on the left bank in a canyon carved by the river in the volcanic rock of the Paleogene-Neogene Period. Hot water (50–65oC) rushes in numerous streams down the rock face. In winter, columns of steam rise high. The sources’ discharge is 70 liters/second. The elemental composition of the water is alkaline, poorly mineralized, sodium-sulfate-chloride with a high percentage of silicon oxide. 

Next to the Bolshiye Tyushevskiye Springs, the river’s channel falls into a broad and powerful waterfall, which lends this area special appeal.  

Their unique flora and fauna have not faced human disturbances, which makes this territory of great scientific interest. Eight plant species listed in the Kamchatka Red Data Book grow here, and invasive species are absent, making this area especially important for scientific research.