Kambalny Volcano

Kambalny Volcano. Кambalny — most southern of active volcanoes of Kamchatka, located at coast of the sea Okhotsk and closing meridian of the Volcanic ridge. It represents conical volcano in height 2161 m above sea level and diameter in the basis 8х12 km. The volcano has arisen and was formed during golozena, its top is topped by the crater in the size 800х400 m and depth of 150 m. To the crater from the southeast slope is adjoined by an explosion funnel (200х100 m depth 50). On slopes are 5 slag cones. 

In historical time of eruptions of the volcano was not observed, but it concerns, undoubtedly, to active, that proves by active fumaroly activity which is concentrated to the thermal platforms Kambalny ridge located at heights from 80 to 1000 m among mountain tundra. They are very attractive to informative tourism. The picture of natural exits pair, boiling water and the mud on an earth surface appears at a look of travellers. They are united in 9 groups. Temperature of exits of thermal waters — 88–90°С, pair — 97–98°.