New pulsating spring emerged in the Valley of Geysers

New pulsating spring emerged in the Valley of Geysers.


A strong hot water fountain gushes forth rising over 2m high. Just a couple of days ago there has literally been just a little crack with steam over it at this point. 

The newly appeared spring has been discovered by Alexander Khachukayev, state inspector in FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve” and Sergey Kolchin, staff research scientist in the Institute for Water and Ecological Problems, Far East Division of Russian Academy of Sciences. Mr. Kolchin is currently observing life of bears in the Valley of Geysers. 

New spring is situated 200m down the Geysernaya river off the reference geyser Bolshoi – one of the major demonstration objects during excursions which erupts every hour. 

It is all due to highwaters that the pressure in the Geysernaya river basin has increased and the level of groundwater has risen along with a supply line opening and two canals separation. The lower canal of smaller diameter lets out around 2-3m high pulsating stream of steam-water mixture. It is essential to continue constant observation of this new pulsating spring and the hillside because the waters are still high and the pressure under the hill can still increase, – commented Aleksey Kiryukhin, senior research scientist in FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve”. 

Valley of Geysers ecosystem is like a living body where landscapes can change and new thermal springs constantly emerge and disappear for many reasons – volcanic and hydrothermal factors and also landslide processes. Exactly 13 years ago on June 3rd, 2007 in the valley of the Geysernaya river an avalanche-like landslide came down and changed its surface drastically: barrier lake was created, some geysers got buried under subsurface rock pieces, number of geysers got flooded. After a while the turquoise lake disappeared and some new springs came out. 

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