Project team “Kamchatka. The Foxes Tale.” makes the films main characters suspicious.

Project team “Kamchatka. The Foxes Tale.” makes the films main characters suspicious. .


Documentary footage of the red skulk inhabiting the nature reserve continues around lake Kronotskoye. Foxes are currently in the spell of big charge of their newly born cubs hence behave very suspicious about any visitors coming around. Which is why all the film-making processes are held very delicately. 

Foxes barely come in the observers’ sight because they spend most of time taking care of the cubs and feeding them, searching for food during the hunt, and also protecting the lairs from predators. 

We continue to monitor the life of animals with the help of trail cameras and also make attempts to film them with long-focal-length optics. One of the main characters has definitely given birth to a litter: she has lost much weight and showed up very seldom. Foxes normally have from three to five pups in one litter so now she is really busy with them. We are waiting for the cubs to grow a little and start getting out of the covert.”, – said Dmitry Shpilenok, project owner, director of film photography. 

Certain difficulties for film-making come from bears. There’s a number of them around lake Kronotskoye and along Kronotsky firth shores where foxes most commonly reside their litters. One of the clumsy bears has dropped the trail camera and even left some fur on it. However all data is safe due to vandal-proof camera body. 

In order to share the project info with as wide public as possible and to drive new followers to environmental protection Kronotsky reserve arranges social media regular live streams with all team members of the film “Kamchatka. The Foxes Tale.” Project “Kamchatka. 

The Foxes Tale.” is carried out with the financial support of Charity Fund “Beautiful Children in the Wonderful World”.