A leaflet on bear safety prepared for release in Kamchatka

A leaflet on bear safety prepared for release in Kamchatka.


It has been compiled on the basis of human-bear relationship research which took place in the local settlements in the south of peninsula with the densest bear population. Edition will be published within the project “Brown bear and human – well balanced neighborhood in South Kamchatka”. The leaflet will be free for distribution for the purpose of ecological education. 

“Human and bear – South Kamchatka neighborhood safety rules” is a blueprint for travelers, tour guides and locals who inhabit places where there is a high probability to come across wild bears. It is essential for those who live and work around spawning river sites – major fish restaurants for bears.  

Why do bears enter human settlements? How to minimize possible conflicts with animals and keep “wild” the bears of the south? How to arrange your country-side land and how to behave during trips and picnics? What should you do when you face a bear and how to protect children from meeting wild animals? All this answers and many more can be found in the text along with useful biological tips for better understanding of animal behavior. Rules and principles provided will help the locals and the guests of South Kamchatka region become responsible and right-minded neighbors for wild animals. 

There is also a broad overview of food waste utilization and illegal dumping areas problem which attract bears so they approach human settlements. Leaflet editors refer to international experience of high culture waste management applied in the US and Canada to eliminate the conflicts with wild animals.  

Project “Brown bear and human – well balanced neighborhood in South Kamchatka” is aimed on anthropogenic influence on bears decrease in South Kamchatka Federal Reserve and human-bear conflict suspension in local settlements. The program is realized under support of Presidential Grants Fund and Environmental protection charity Fund “Zapovednik”. General partner – FSBI “Kronotsky state reserve”.