Penelope awaits while Veter is rambling: foxes filming continued

Penelope awaits while Veter is rambling: foxes filming continued.


Each fox family is usually an object for separate observation because the interfamily relations are always different. Several years ago the mother and her elder daughter who has already had her own cubs united and formed a certain kindergarten for youngsters. Sometimes the father takes an active role in pups’ upbringing – he brings food and plays with the young. 

This time project team “Kamchatka. The Foxes Tale.” while filming in Kronotsky reserve has discovered a family with the most unusual lifestyle pattern. The fox family father is young and is likely to have recently been made a father. He might be startled by the 4 cubs which is why he might not show up for several days, acting like a typical Disneyland dad. However he always brings snacks during his sporadic visits: field voles, gophers or small birds and disappears again right after. The mother waits for her partner day and night while taking care of the puppies. Kronotsky reserve staff has named her Penelope (reference to the “Odyssey” – for her devoted awaiting) and him Veter (russian for “Wind”) for his independence and free spirit. 

All eyes – both parents’ and project team – are currently on the cubs. 

Film shooting processes are made from the distance which lets cameras bother the characters not. Modern equipment like trail cameras helps a lot even despite the fact that fox cubs try to eat it from time to time. 

Project “Kamchatka. The Foxes Tale.” is carried out with the financial support of Charity Fund “Beautiful Children in the Wonderful World” and Environmental Protection Charity Fund “Zapovednik”.