Kronotsky reserve reopened for visitors again

Kronotsky reserve reopened for visitors again.


After a spell of rains along the whole biosphere reserve territory the natural fire danger class has been degraded. Kamchatka residents can already visit the reserve while there are still restrictions for visitors from other regions till July, 15th.  

It’s worth reminding that in the middle of June the fire safety mode was implemented on the territories due to high temperatures and lack of rains. Restrictions put related mostly to people and vehicles in the woods, excursions, making fires and trash burning, also all fire-hazardous works were temporarily banned. Abundant rainfalls helped drop high fire danger class which enabled territories to open for visitors again. 

 The most sensitive areas in Kronotsky reserve are Lazovskiy cluster with unique Shchapinsky spruce forests and deciduous trees by the Kronotsky lake basin where there are numerous taiga fauna inhabitants and Kronotsko-Bogachyovskaya tundra – home to wild Red Listed reindeers and many other species. Here it rains not as often as by the Pacific coast, temperatures here are normally high in summer with very seldom rains on annual basis.