Souvenirs of the Kronotsky Reserve can be received by post now

Souvenirs of the Kronotsky Reserve can be received by post now.


An online store has been opened on the website of the Kronotsky Reserve, where the entire range of souvenirs can be found, starting with magnets and T-shirts with branded symbols and ending with scientific publications and colorful informative photo albums about the protected nature. 

The distribution of souvenirs with the logo of the Kronotsky Reserve isn’t just a way to increase the recognition of specially protected natural areas in wide circles. It’s also a tool to attract new people to the nature reserve business. Most souvenirs contain visual or textual appeals for conservation - be it a badge or a children's coloring book. 

Field guides and popular science books will be of interest for those who is seriously interested in nature, flora and fauna. Photo albums with geological events or stories from the life of wild animals are good gifts for family and friends. There is also a children's section for various ages: for toddlers, preschoolers and schoolchildren. 

The online store of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is a platform for craftsmen who live in the territories adjacent to the Kronotsky, Koryaksky and South Kamchatka reserves. Craftsmen and artists can expand the sales market and increase their well-being selling handmade souvenirs on an up-t-date source as website in the context of the development of ecological tourism in Kamchatka. 

How to make an order? 
You can either visit the website of the Kronotsky Reserve, tap on "Souvenirs" section or just use the link 
The online store contains the entire range of souvenirs and delivery terms. We offer worldwide delivery. The proceeds from the sale go to environmental projects.