The documentary “Nerka. The Red Fish" conquers the world

The documentary “Nerka. The Red Fish" conquers the world.


The movie about wild salmon has already received dozens of awards at film festivals in different countries. Wild salmon reproduce in the Kuril Lake on the territory of the South Kamchatka reserve and provide the well-being of the ecosystems of the South of Kamchatka and the inhabitants of fishing villages. The national premiere of the movie will take place on August 30th. The film was honored to close the 6th international documentary film festival "DOKer" in Moscow. 

The international premiere of the movie took place in the United States in March 2020. It shows the acute problems of the development of fish resources in compliance with the delicate balance of interests and nature. It’s a story about the difficult life of a sockeye salmon, about those who depend on it. The movie demonstrates the most beautiful protected nature and answers the question “What will happen if we lose wild salmon?” 

Due to the unstable situation in the world nowadays, it is very difficult to present a new movie to the audience the way they would like it. Some film festivals that have chosen our movie, hoped to hold their own events, moved the dates of screenings, but anyway everything was canceled. Lots of them have adapted to the current situation and switched to online format or made screenings for a limited number of guests. It has applied even to the most reputable film festivals, which have never shown movies online in their entire history. Among them are Wildscreen (Great Britain) and Green Screen (Germany)” - the film's producer Anna Sukhova. 

The movie was selected for 120 festivals in 33 countries in total. The screenings have already taken place at 64 of them, 56 events are ahead. 37 awards have been won. The filmmakers note that best reaction on “Nerka” was in the United States. 38 festivals are held in the United States. 

We’ve got a lot of messages from the US spectators asking where they can watch the movie about sockeye salmon, whether it is planned to be released on TV channels abroad. Probably, such a response try is due to the fact that the problem touched upon in the movies is related for the US too” - director and cameraman Dmitry Shpilenok

13 years after the idea to tell about the wild salmon of Kamchatka was released the movie “Nerka. The Red fish”. This is due to the fact that Dmitry Shpilenok himself became an active participant in the events taking place on the Kuril Lake. He devoted six years as a state inspector of the Kronotsky Reserve to the fight against poachers.