Vladimir Putin supported the ideas of the Nature Protectors School and the Kronotsky Nature Reserve

Vladimir Putin supported the ideas of the Nature Protectors School and the Kronotsky Nature Reserve.


Young ecoliders from all over the country have talked with the President on the final day of the All-Russian Forum "Ecosystem. The reserved land". Daria Shpilenok, the head of the Nature Protectors School project of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve, raised the topic of building modern tourist infrastructure in vulnerable natural areas of Kamchatka and proposed to strengthen nature protection by public environmental inspectors while meeting the Head of state. Vladimir Putin reacted positively to all the ideas, promising that he would contribute to their implementation.

Daria Shpilenok said: "Today there is enough nature-saving infrastructure in the Valley of Geysers. But literally within a radius of 50-60 km from the city [Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky] there are many unique natural objects where there is no infrastructure at all. Meanwhile, thousands of people come there, among which both residents and guests of the peninsula. Kamchatka is currently experiencing a tourist boom, hotels and a new airport terminal are being built. But it is clear that people who arrive at this terminal and will live in these hotels, visit Kamchatka for the sake of nature. And the display objects are not ready for this now!"

Daria asked the President to promote the tourist infrastructure construction, among which there are trails, observation decks, etc. — which will help to protect the beautiful Kamchatka nature from degradation caused by a large flow of tourists.

In addition, Daria mentioned the work of the Nature Protectors School on training state inspectors of protected areas: "These are real superheroes who have skills ranging from firefighting to psychology when they work with violators. But there are very few such superheroes." On behalf of the Nature Protectors School, she asked the head of state to support the program for the broad involvement of public environmental inspectors in nature protection.

"Of course, we need to support this movement," Vladimir Putin replied to a question about public inspectors. — And of course, we will do it. Moreover, relevant decisions have already been taken at the legislative level to expand the powers of public organizations, including public inspectors, in this area. It is important that the so-called law enforcement practice develops accordingly." The President stressed that in such an extremely important area of activity for society and the state as nature protection, volunteers can be a great help.

"I will definitely look at this law enforcement practice, I will ask colleagues both in the regions and in the relevant central authorities to pay serious attention to this," the head of state assured.

Vladimir Putin also promised to support the creation of a new high-quality tourist infrastructure. "This concerns both material support and the organization of work in specially protected natural areas. This is a very important thing: it is important from an economic point of view, and from the point of view of domestic tourism development, and from the nature conservation point of view as well," the President concluded.

In turn, Vladimir Putin proposed the idea of regularly holding the Ecosystem forum in Kamchatka (earlier the event was held in the Vologda region). "For my part, I will do everything to support this," the head of state said.