Kronotsky Nature Reserve have been licensed as an educational institution

Kronotsky Nature Reserve have been licensed as an educational institution.


The license applies to implementation of additional education programs for children and adults, and professional education for specialists in fields associated with nature protection and eco-tourism.

"The Kronotsky Nature Reserve has been working for several decades on environmental education and ecological culture development. Recently, it has started taking up projects of all-Russian significance. Programs for both children and adults have been developed and are being successfully implemented. E.g. professional education for tour guides and ecological education for volunteers within the framework of the Nature Protectors School. Or also, development of the Yunnats movement in the Kamchatka Territory," said Tatiana Gulbina, Deputy Director for Environmental Education and Public Relations of the Kronotsky State Reserve.

"Now, with the license, Kronotsky Nature Reserve has the opportunity not only to conduct environmental education work, but also to give more serious, in-depth knowledge. After our educational programs, official documents (for example, certificates) will now be issued to the students. It will confirm their knowledge and qualifications. Without the license, we could not issue such documents", she said.

Before issuing a license and every three years afterwards, the state authorities check how the institution complies with the educational standards: from educational programs content to the qualifications of teachers. A license is a sign of the high education quality.

"Getting to be an educational institution is an important step for us. The Nature Protectors School of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve has excellent teaching staff. We take responsible approach to the content of courses, we comprize high-quality programs for volunteers willing to help specially protected natural areas. Graduates of the School successfully apply new knowledge and realize their talents in different regions of Russia. We are very grateful to Anna Leshchenko, a consultant from the Ministry of Education of the Kamchatka Territory, for timely, competent comments and assistance. Now our educational programs will be even more systematic and useful for the participants," said Svetlana Gogoleva, an employee of the Environmental Education Department of the Kronotsky State Nature Reserve.