Cinema-film “Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life”

Cinema-film “Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life”.


The work on this film lasted for two and a half years. The main shooting took place in the specially protected natural area in 2015. Durin 7 months – from the moment mother-bears and their current year cubs left their lairs in April to the end of October when the bear families entered hibernation – the shooting team of LESFILM watched all the stages of bear cubs’ growing. Missing outdoor scenes were filmed in 2016. The film was being completed at the studio for a year and a half. 

The idea of creating the film was initiated and promoted by the famous wilderness photographer, enthusiast of the nature conservation activity in Russia, Igor Shpilenok. Together with his brother, documentary film maker Dmitry Shpilenok, he set the goal to show people what wonderful bears inhabit the specially protected natural area. The film directors are Vladislav Grishin, Irina Zhuravlyova. 

The film was dedicated by its creators to the memory of Tikhon Shpilenok, the director of FGBU “Kronotsky state reserve” who passed away on the 23d of December 2016. It is under his guidance that the regime of protection in South Kamchatka federal sanctuary was enhanced, due to which several generation of bears that are not afraid of people and tolerant to observers have grown there. This bears’ tolerance allowed the documentary film makers to shoot the most interesting footage showing the animals’ life in their natural habitat. 

A kind, very educational, making think about the fragility of nature. Such reviews were provided for the film “Kamchatka Bears. The Beginning of Life” of LESFILM Producing Studio. Now the film is already available online on the following platforms: —ivi —OKKO —Megogo —Wink (Ростелеком[Rostelecom]) —Megogo —Кинопоиск [Kinopoisk] —Билайн [Beeline] —Айкино [ikino] — —iTunes —Google Play