The “Wilderness of Russia” photo-project

The “Wilderness of Russia” photo-project.


“Wilderness of Russia” is an international photo-project having no analogues the launch of which was timed to coincide with the 100-year anniversary of the natural reserve system, the Year of specially protected natural areas and the Year of ecology in this country. The initiators of the “Wilderness of Russia” project are FGBU “Kronotsky state reserve”, Association of specially protected natural areas of Kamchatka krai and the “Zapovednik” Charity Fund. 

Reserves, national and nature parks participate in the promotion, the photo-pictures reflect all the multifacetedness of the wilderness of this country – from south to north and from east to west. The goal of the project is to attract international tourists to Russia, to find new like-minded associates interested in the nature conservation activity all over the world. 

40 photos present all the endowments of the Russian nature – volcanic and steppe landscapes, mountains and forests, sea expanses and Arctic ice. Among the exhibits there are portrait photographs of animals including the species which practically disappeared from wild nature several decades ago. 

Since the launch of the project, that occurred in 2017, the exhibition has visited several overseas countries: Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary, Luxemburg, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia. Certainly, its native country has not been overlooked, the pictures have been exhibited at the airports of Moscow and St-Petersburg, at the museums of Kaliningrad, at the conference in Sochi, in Moscow’s culture and leisure parks, as well as in Vladivostok and Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. In 2018 the photo-project became the winner of PR-award “Silver Archer”– the Far East” in the nomination of “Development and promotion of the area”. In 2019 the exhibition was opened on another continent – in Tokio.