Ecotourism in the land of bears

Ecotourism in the land of bears
The “Ecotourism in the land of bears – rules of bear hospitality” booklet.

The Kamchatka Brown Bear is the biggest sub-species of the brown bear in Russia, one of the biggest sub-species in the world. The average weight of an adult male is 350–400 kilos, some individuals can be up to 700 kilos, and the length of the body is over 3 meters! Kamchatka bruins are the second largest only to bears from the Kodiak Archipelago near the southern coast of Alaska. The bear population of Kamchatka is about 20 thousand individuals. Their habitat covers practically the whole territory of the peninsula. 

The largest protected population of brown bears – approximately 1000 individuals – dwells in South Kamchatka federal sanctuary named after T.I. Shpilenok. The wellness and successful reproduction of the animals is ensured by a strict guarding regime and rich food base – plants and the salmonids. Annually several thousands of tourists come to observe the animals in their natural habitat. 

The booklet presents interesting facts from the life of the bear inhabiting South Kamchatka sanctuary, describes the peculiarities of their behavior. But the most important is that the booklet readers can learn basic rules of behavior in the bears’ area. It will allow travelers to enjoy watching these mighty and beautiful animals without disturbing them, while staying safe and secure.

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