Geographical position

Geographical position. The preserve is situated on the southernmost tip of the Kamchatka Peninsula and includes the Gavryushkin Kamen’ and Uthashud islands. The geographic coordinates are 50°52' (Lopatka Cape, the southernmost point of the Kamchatka Peninsula) — 51°35' (Utashud) North and 156°40' 157°30' East. The terrestrial area is 225,000 ha, including 114,700 ha of forests, 80,560 ha of tundra, and 9,230 haofwatersheds. Thethree-milecoastal marinezonealsobelongstothepreserve. 

The territory is located in the Yelizovo (60%) and Ust-Bolsheretsk (40%) administrative district.