Rules for photo and video tours participants, film groups, individual photo, and videographers

1. Film crews and solitary visitors must be present at the Specially Protected Areas (SPA) only accompanied by a member of the Agency's Protected Areas Protection Service (the security service).

2. Photo and video filming should not interfere with the activities of the Agency's staff (research, environmental and educational activities, and security services). Agency (institution) will review each individual request for temporary visitation for tourists, video, and photo groups. Keep in mind that the Agency will consider its interests first before allowing visitation.  

3. Use of special equipment for filming in certain areas of the SPA (helicopter, underwater and other special cameras, camera cranes, trolleys, satellites, antennas, microphones, lighting equipment, generators, cables, monitors, sound equipment, installation equipment, storage equipment, tents, supporting objects, etc.) should be discussed and allowed by the Deputy Director of Security - the head of the security service. Using above equipment without permission of the head of security will not be allowed. 

4. The use of amateur takeaway cameras and GoPro-type action cameras is permissible only in manual shooting, body-fixing, or installation near the location of the group. It is important to eliminate possible physical contact with bears.  

5. The use of aerial vehicles (drones) for photo and video shooting is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation and on the basis of a separate permit issued by the Deputy Director of Protection - the head of the security service. Such video shooting is regulated by separate instructions, which are received with shooting approval. 

6. Each visitor (participant) will receive special strict instructions and requirements before going on tour. Everyone is obliged to strictly comply with the requirements and adhere to the accompanying security officer. 
6.1. During the briefing, the tour participants confirm their awareness of the complexity and specificity of the chosen route, and confirm that their psychological and physical conditions allow them to safely pass the route. 
6.2 After the briefing, the tour participants should understand that they are responsible for their own psychological and physical well-being.  

7. The decision on the admissibility of the use of special equipment will be made on a case-by-case basis by the accompanying security officer, based on an assessment of the current situation, at the location of the shooting.  

8. Visiting area rules apply to all tour participants of the territory of the SPA. Photographers and operators do not have privilege to visit closed or special nature areas.  

9. Photo or video shooting of any animal that appears anxious, disturbed, or feeding, as well as littering of the territory is strictly prohibited. If you notice any of these actions being filmed, please let security officer in charge know. 

10. Distance to wild animals - objects of photo and video shooting – is determined only by the accompanying security officer. 

11. In case of unforeseen circumstances (bad weather, high volcanic or seismic activity, dangerous behavior of animals, damage to infrastructure, etc.), the accompanying security officer has the right to change the agreed program of photo and video shoot (tour), the time of stay in the area, and/or end the tour. 

12. If during the tour multiple tour groups gather in one area at the same, each group is required to: 
12.1. Comply with the arrangements for the time and duration of the shooting, previously agreed with the senior security officer on the site where the shooting takes place. 
12.2. Give way to another group (person) if her(his) shooting time was agreed in advance with the senior security officer. 

13. It is mandatory for a security officer to be present when tour participants are taking videos and or pictures when flying on the aircraft (helicopter etc.)  

14. Above rules are subject to change and SPA Administration can amend them in accordance to the current Environmental Laws. The tour company is responsible for any property damage done by its visitors. Also, the tour company will take responsibility if its visitors do not comply with the above rules. SPA may end its contract with the tour company or agency if its visitors show consistent non-compliance with the above rules. If an individual visits the SPA privately she or he will be personally responsible for complying with the above rules.