Safety Rules for Brown Bear Observation Tours

Compliance of those rules and regulations will allow to minimize the possibility of incidents between a bear and our visitors. Most of the bears you will see have already come across humans before. Following the positive (neutral) experience of a bear encountering humans, their behavioral patterns remained unchanged. Please, make sure that your visit does not disrupt their natural activities. Be polite and respect the right of the bears to reside on their land. 

1. Visitors guidelines- observations tours safety rules. 
1.1. Please make sure you adhere to all instructions provided to you by our employees to secure your health and safety. 
1.2. Do not get separated from your group. Please keep in mind that if you split up from the rest of your party, it might provoke an animal for attack if they see you walking on your own. 
1.3. Do not fall behind from your group. If you need to slow down, please let one of the employees that accompany you know. 
1.4. Our employee will determine the distance between you and a bear. You must follow their instructions. 
1.5. Your presence should not cause any disturbances to the wildlife. 
1.6. If your presence results in aggressive or anxious bears’ behavior, you must change your current location. This decision will be made by our employee. 
1.7. Do not approach or stand next to a bear even if it is still and undisturbed. Every animal protects its territory, if you enter it, they will see you as a threat. 
1.8. Avoid performing any actions that will look like a chase after the bear cubs to the female bears. Do not stand between the mother bear and her cubs. 
1.9. During the observation tour do not lie down on the ground, do not crawl and do not hide in the bushes. This can provoke the animals. 
1.10. Do not run away from a bear, they will begin the chase 
1.11. Do not follow a bear, do not approach at a fast pace. 
1.12. Do not feed a bear, this way you will kill it. 
1.13. When in the vicinity of wildlife, walk slowly, do not wave your hands around and carefully and keep noise to a minimum. 
1.14. Smoking is prohibited on the route, the smoke can disturb the animals and people 
1.15. No flash photography. Please note that multiple bear encounters result in lowering your inhibitions and affect your sense of safety. Stay alert. 

2. Visitors guidelines- site (cordon) safety rules. 
2.1. It is prohibited to leave the site (cordon) without supervision of one of our employees. 
2.2. If you are observing a bear that are located on the other side of the electrical fence, please maintain the following distances:
  • If you are not accompanied by one of our employees – at least 30m between you and the closest animal 
  • If you are accompanied by one of our employees- at least 20m and the closest animal 
  • In both cases, please maintain a distance of 2m between the electrical fence and yourself. 
2.3. Do not run around the cordon, do not attract the attention of a bear even if they are located behind the electrical fence 
2.4. If you have spotted a bear on the territory of the site (cordon), please let one of our employees or the head of your group know as soon as possible. Do not approach the bear on your own. 

3. Visitors guidelines- food consumption safety rules. 
3.1. Please keep your food in airtight sealed containers otherwise bears can catch the smell of food. 
3.2. Do not leave your food containers unattended. 
3.3. Remain in groups when eating and track the number of bears present around you during your meals. If possible, try and eat around the least number of bears surrounding you.  
3.4. Avoid bringing foods with strong smells (smoky cold meats) 
3.5. Bring the food your can eat straight away. 
3.6. Ensure that all waste and rubbish is secured at all times in such a way as to prevent dispersal into the environment through high winds or wildlife foraging. Return all food waste back into your containers and take it away with you. 
3.7. If you are unable to take any of the food waste with you (something has gone off and its smell attracts the wildlife), it is possible to dispose of it in the water. None of the bears have access to human food and waste in the sanctuary so they do not see us as a source of food so they have no reason to start any conflicts. Please maintain this unique balance between a man and an animal.