Geysers of the Kronotsky Reserve

Geysers of the Kronotsky Reserve. “Geysers of the Kronotsky Reserve” — a one-day guided tour.  

The geyser field of the Kronotsky Reserve is one of the most spectacular in the world. More than 30 large geysers are concentrated in a small area. There is no comparable area in any part of our country’s mainland. In contrast to the geyser fields of Yellowstone, Iceland, and New Zealand, the Kamchatkan Valley of the Geysers is very compact. Enclosed by nature in a deep and inaccessible gorge, it was only discovered in 1941 by Reserve geologist Tatyana Ustinova and her guide Anysyfor Krupenin. 

The eco-informational focus of the tours involves observation of nature in a unique geothermal region. Here, visitors to the Kronotskiy Reserve will see steam fountains erupting from geysers in a beautiful mountain landscape, thermal fields, colorful earthen chambers, many jets of water, noisy hot springs and small geysers, streams, and waterfalls.  

Tourists learn about the causes and consequences of the catastrophic landslide from 2007 and see Geyser Lake. 

A tour guide describes the nature of volcanism and geothermal activity, the mechanism of the geyser action, different types of geysers, and plants’ and animals’ adaptation to the special microclimate in the geothermal region. Often, groups are able to spot the Kamchatkan brown bear — king of this territory. 

Time on the Kronotsky Reserve territory: 2–2.5 hours 
Level of difficulty: a generally accessible route for people with full physical mobility. Special sports training is not required. 

• The tour travels along flat paths and must be accompanied by a Reserve inspector and tour guide. 
• The tour’s operation is restricted to May and June. Specific dates are outlined every year.  

Additional services: Souvenirs and printed material are available for purchase in the Valley of the Geysers. 

Getting there: Tourist agencies throughout Kamchatka organize tours to the geysers of the Kronotsky Reserve. For more information, call the Kronotsky Reserve’s Division of Ecological Education and Tourism at +7 (41531) 7 16 52. 

The tour’s contribution to the development of protected areas: all proceeds will be used to improve the protection area and grow ecological tourism.