Bears in the mist

Bears in the mist  . “There in the Fog” — a multiple-day excursion on Kambalnoye Lake (South Kamchatka Sanctuary).

Kambalnoye Lake shows harsh and wild Kamchatka as it was 500 years ago, before the arrival of early Russian expeditions on the peninsula. Here you’ll find yourself in a different atmosphere full of spicy fog. Although for many, mists seem mournful, here they create the unique ambiance of Kambalnoye Lake. At once thick and dense as wool and weightless and translucent as gossamer, fogs create the incomparable landscape in this part of the world.  

The lake is small and surrounded by all sides by hills. Hiking beside the paths that bears use, you’ll feel the primeval force of nature. In this part of the world, the bear rules the forest…And he’ll become the focus of your own photographs, videos, stories, and even artwork. In addition to temporary lodgings to accommodate visitors, the only building on the lake is the old shack kept by Canadian writer Charles Russell, author of the book “Grizzly Seasons.” In it, he described his life among bears on the shores of the Kambalnoye Lake. 

Length of excursion: 1 day. If you wish to extend your stay in the South Kamchatka Sanctuary on the Kambalnoye Lake, it’s possible to purchase additional tours for each day. 

Possible hikes by the Kambalnoye Lake: 
1. Ring hike around the Kambalnoye Lake (8 km). 
2. Downstream hike on Kambalnoye River from its source to its rapids (6 km). 

Level of difficulty: a generally accessible route.  

• All walking routes travel along forest paths and must be accompanied by a Reserve employee. 
• The tour’s operation is only from July to September.  

Necessary equipment: Bring rain boots! In addition, you will need clothing that is waterproof, windproof, and warm, mosquito repellent, sunscreen, and sunglasses.  

Getting there: Tourist agencies throughout Kamchatka organize tours (bringing visitors and food to the South Kamchatka Sanctuary territory, taking away garbage, etc) to the Kambalnoye Lake. For more information, call +7 (41531) 7 16 52.