To the Inhabitants of the Waves

To the Inhabitants of the Waves. “To the Deep-sea Dwellers” — a tour of the sea waters.

The sea may seem mysterious to the mind of someone dreaming of adventures, but it seems even more so to someone faced with the waters of the Kronotsky Reserve or the South Kamchatka Sanctuary. But everyone, from tourists and nature lovers to professional photographers and naturalists, will discover here the secret life of marine animals in their natural habitat.  

You will see the breeding grounds of sea lions. Sailing beside whales, you will feel the full power of the Pacific and be dazzled by the birds flying by. Accompanied by an inspector in a motorboat, you will be able to take beautiful photographs of landscapes…You and nature will seem one and the same.  

Marine biologists, ichthyologists, botanists, ornithologists, geomorphologists, and any lovers of photography may be interested in this tour. 

Length of excursion: up to 10 days. 

Venue: the waters of the Kronotsky Reserve: Olga Cove, Kozlova Cape, Kamenistaya Cape. The waters of the South Kamchatka Sanctuary: Vestnik Cove, Utashud Island, Lopatka Cape.  

Level of difficulty: a generally accessible route.