Death Valley

Death Valley. “Death Valley” — a one-day guided tour.

The site with the sinister name “Death Valley” was only discovered in 1975, although it’s located only seven kilometers from the Valley of the Geysers, which was found in 1941. Death Valley lies at the foot of the Kikhpinych Volcano, where many animals are killed every year by toxic natural gases. Because of its particular environment, dead animals are preserved unusually long here, creating a kind of odditorium. 

Natural phenomena like that occurring in the Kamchatkan Death Valley exist in other parts of the planet, but the particular poisonous “cocktail” found in the Kamchatkan Death Valley is much more complex than that found in a typical valley of death. This natural “gas chamber” is only dangerous from a height of 30 cm from the ground; watching from the viewing platform is completely safe. You’ll see a colorful panorama, and the guide will describe the valley’s discovery and other interesting facts associated with this strange place. 

Length of excursion: 40 minutes — 1 hour. 

Level of difficulty: a generally accessible route. Special sports training is not required. 

Important! The tour’s operation is restricted to May and June. Specific dates are outlined every year. 

Getting there: Tourist agencies throughout Kamchatka organize tours (bringing visitors and food to the Kronotsky Reserve territory, etc). For more information, call the Kronotsky Reserve’s Division of Ecological Education and Tourism at +7 (41531) 7 16 52.