Steaming Land of Uzon

Steaming Land of Uzon. “Uzon’s steaming earth” — a one-day guided tour.

As far as contemporary volcanism is concerned, the Uzon Volcano caldera is a unique spot in all the world. The Itelmen call Uzon “Steaming Earth.” Walking over its wooden platform, visitors feel the gigantic energy trapped in the Earth’s bowels. Uzon amazes you with the wealth and forms of its volcanic manifestations.  

It’s a veritable museum of nature, where the “collection” consists of almost everything for which Kamchatka is known: hot springs and cold rivers, earthen chambers and clear lakes, tundra berries, the “dancing birch forest,” mountains and marshes, beasts and birds. Whether you’re a geologist or a botanist, geochemist or microbiologist, zoologist, volcanologist, or simply a nature-lover — in this incomparable place, you’re sure to find something new and interesting for yourself.  

In Uzon’s hot springs, as in a laboratory crucible, natural materials are born. The youngest oil on the planet is found here. Scientists observe the processes of mineralization and find unique metal compounds. Incredible algae and bacteria live in the scalding liquid live incredible algae and bacteria. For them, poisonous boiling water is the most desirable environment.  

Stepping onto this land, you will plunge into the magical world of Uzon with its myths and legends. The eco-informational focus of the tours involves observation of nature in a unique geothermal region. Along the way, visitors will see the Bannoye, Chloride, and Figure Eight Lakes, Murky Geyser, earthen chambers, and mud volcanoes, and view different panoramas. 

Time on the Kronotskiy Reserve territory: 2–2.5 hours

Level of difficulty: a generally accessible route for people with full physical mobility. Special sports training is not required. 

• The tour travels along flat paths and must be accompanied by a Reserve inspector and tour guide. 
• The tour’s operation is restricted to May and June. 

Getting there: Tourist agencies throughout Kamchatka organize tours to Uzon Caldera of the Kronotsky Reserve. For more information, call the Kronotsky Reserve’s Division of Ecological Education and Tourism at +7 (41531) 7 16 52.